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VANQUISH® Customisation Huddersfield, Supply and fitting of original and aftermarket accessories. Get ready for the summer period with an air-conditioning recharge.
With the best part of the winter period over, With the British weather being the way it is, anything can be expected. At VANQUISH® Customisation we feel it is always best to be prepared for the unexpected. Weather has a huge impact on driving conditions, from slippery roads to climate conditions in the car, from steamy windows causing visual impairments or having to drive in a hot humid car which can affect the mood and temperament of a driver. Climate control settings in a vehicle can help make the difference to driving. Too cold and it feels like hard work , too hot and well let’s just say it’s like being stuck in the desert but probably actually stuck in traffic on an A road or motorway. Most cars on the road today have a climate control system with an AC (air-conditioning) button, but what happens when that button fails is most likely the air-conditioning system needs recharging. At VANQUISH® Customisation not only will we make sure there is no leaks by doing the tests needed we will also recharge the unit at only a fraction of the price charged by main dealers. Saving you money and also time as we are mobile or you can come to us.
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