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Cruise Control Upgrades – Genuine and Aftermarket

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Cruise control is a feature that automatically controls the speed of your vehicle at speeds above approximately 20 Mph. Once active, vehicle speed can be maintained, increased or decreased according to the drivers needs without ever touching the pedals.

Benefits of cruise control is, once the speed has been set it will cruise along at the speed set, this helps you increase fuel economy and make the drive more comfortable. In recent years the number of speed cameras in use on motorways and dual carraigeways has increased massively. By having a cruise control system fitted to your vehicle you are less likely to accidentally go above the speed limit which may save you points on your license as well as fines.

Cruise control is a useful feature for long distance drives and motorway speed limits once set the vehicle will continue at the speed with out increasing, unless the driver manually increases it.

Cruise control is a simple but useful feature. The main controls are ‘Set’, ‘Cancel’, ‘Resume’, ‘Increase’, ‘Decrease’ and ‘On/Off’.

Automotive gadgets can fit cruise control to most makes and models of vehicles. In most cases the Genuine manufacturers Cruise control kit can be retrofitted. In cases where this is not possible we can supply an aftermarket system which will work just as well as the original parts.

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