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Emergency Service Vehicle Detectors Huddersfield

target-blue-eye-police-detector-upgrade-installation-install-fitting-fitted-in-huddersfield Emergency Service Vehicle Detectors Huddersfield


Target blue eye emergency service vehicle detector alerts you from a distance when an emergency service vehicle is approaching. By the detection of Tetra radio frequency singals (Only used in emergency services vehicles), Target blue eye will alert you with audio beeps as well as a visual display with on the LED display panel.

radar-speed-camera-detectors-upgrade-installation-install-fitting-fitted-in-huddersfield Emergency Service Vehicle Detectors Huddersfield


Speed camera detectors will alert you as you approach a road speed trap or speed camera. Most systems will also alert you to red light cameras. Speed camera detectors can be installed on all types of vehicles including cars, vans, trucks, and buses. Both 12v and 24v systems are available.

Prices starting from:

Speed Camera detectors £189

Target Blue eye £949

(Prices quoted ex vat)

Please note - There are legitimate reasons why individuals may need the use of a speed camera radar detector and such devices. We always encourage drivers to drive within the speed limits set by the law.

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